Fire Pit Landscaping

Before you equip the fire pit landscaping, you need to carefully consider the territory of its location. Fireplace should be located away from the garden trees, lodges and other outbuildings. The optimal distance to the house and buildings should be at least 3 meters, and not less than 4 meters from the nearest tree crowns. Just do not make out a place for the fire in the valley or on a hill. It is better to choose a middle ground.

In order to draw a platform next to the hearth, you can use pebbles, gravel or tiles for garden paths. If you expand the territory of the hearth, you get an excellent place for recreation. An interesting option is the flat plate irregular geometric forms, which are laid out in intricate pattern. These wide plates easily accommodated chairs, benches, or other various garden furniture. The ideal option for arranging a fire pit landscaping in the country will be a circular bench with backs. To make a site of comfort and relaxation area can be decorated with rugs and place on the bench cushions and throws.

Of the same material that was used in the finishing chamber, and can perform a support wall, it will serve both for the backrest of the bench. In order to do not have to go far to collect firewood near the fireplace to equip special woodsheds, which is made in the same style with a fireplace.

By the fireplace, you can lay out the garden path along which to install a small streetlights. This will make the area cozy in the evening, and create a special romantic atmosphere. Most area around a fire made in the form of the sun, and wall paint impromptu sunlight.

It will be interesting to look at their summer cottage hearth, in the form of a lunar crater or fireplace, next to which you can install a small figurine of a cricket guardian.

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