Fire Pit Grille For You

The advantage of the fire pit grille in the open fire – is, above all, fire and no smoke. The fire in the grille, in contrast to the bonfire, can be diluted in any weather.

In addition, a barbecue drastically change any part of your suburban area, it will be a good decoration. It expands the functions of the garden, the kitchen and create an outdoor dining area, where with great pleasure will come to the “light” friends and family. Grill can be used for smoking meat and fish. Put on wood embers smoldering twigs of alder, cherry and juniper, you will add the smoked fish or meat a wonderful flavor. Such delicacies you can not even buy the most expensive supermarket.

Fire pit grille is best to choose a number with a gazebo, terrace or patio. This is useful because if the weather does not allow to continue the meal in the open air, you should not move into the house. If you chose a fixed grille stove, it will take some definite place. View it should organically fit into the interior garden and buildings and become the next difficult element of landscape design, and its decoration.

To build a garden fire pit grille use natural stone or brick. The main element is considered to be a cast-iron barbecue roaster with a box for coal and bars, the position of which can be adjusted depending on the readiness of meat and the coals glow. Lattice is best done removable. In this case, they can always be washed and cleaned at the end of the summer season to avoid rusting. With the dampers can be controlled fresh air, and thus heat of coals.

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