Fire Pit Glass Rock

Fold a beautiful rock fireplaces for a fire at home at the corner of landscape design is not an easy task, but doable successfully. You need only to have free time, skills in bricklaying and to be careful in their work. The first thing you need to determine is the size, shape and location for the rock fireplaces. Measure the height, width, and depth of focus to select the amount of material that will be used for construction. It is better to choose a stone on pallets sorted, you’ll spend less time on the selection, and there is less waste, they are attractive, good quality, almost the same size, shape. Determine the center of focus. Score meter piece of rebar in the center, to house fire. Cut a piece of rope, long half diameter space to fire. For example, if a fire should be completely width of 2 meters, take the rope length of 1 meter.

Make a loop at one end of the rope to slide it around the valve. At the other end of the rope to secure the bank landscape paint or another pin. Note circumference. Dig the ground inside the circle to a depth of about 15 centimeters. Using a mortar spread the outer circle of stones. When the first front circle of stones on the ground, move to the first row of refractory bricks. Overlay layer solution along the inner edge of the rocks and facial bed first refractory brick in place.

Imposing a solution to one end of the brick, the bed next to the butt of the first and presses it into the solution. Believe level. Remove excess solution during the operation. Continue this method until it is laid firebrick around the circle.
Wash the inside of the water to remove all dust and dirt that has gathered on the stone and brick. When dry, apply a black paint on the refractory bricks, protecting the upper plate from falling paint.

When everything is dry, you can lay out the fire inside rock fireplaces and enjoy spending time in the cheerful company of friends.

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