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Barbeque (hearth cooking in the open air) is usually adjacent to the house and can be seen as a variant of a summer kitchen, which has always been popular in our climate. It can be equipped with portable or stationary hearth. In the latter case, the focus can be made of brick or stone, give it an interesting form, attach it to the butcher’s table. It is logical to organize a fire pit bbq with all kinds of amenities, pave stone courtyard located nearby gazebo or canopy of the rain. Even better designing a gazebo in your garden or on your gardening area, you can consider the location of a barbecue inside. Needless stationary barbecue brick or stone takes 2-3 meter square area – so if space allows – I would do a gazebo with a barbecue inside. There is of course another option – a fire pit bbq, which sells a variety of firms. This barbecue is easy to transport and takes up little space about to 1 square meter.

Everyone knows that food cooked on an open fire, has a special, unique flavor and a wonderful aroma. What could be better than an evening out of town with friends near the steaming barbecue or fire pit bbq? To the delight of gourmets, today in the city’s stores are well represented all sorts of devices for cooking outdoors: from small (the size of a normal case) mobile braziers to stationary furnaces barbecue weighing about a ton. The latter do not only have a mass of undoubted advantages, but also can become an ornament to the infield, the summer bar or restaurant.

The exterior of the fire pit bbq may be in the form of shelter, pavilion or open area. The most advantageous is considered an outdoor barbecue area, as in this case, it is a distinct addition to the overall design of the garden. The main charm of barbecue is what most people associate it with a picnic in the countryside. That’s why outdoor area for cooking over charcoal perfect “play up” these associations. Surface area barbecue only hard to do, and in any case not made of wooden decking because of fire safety.

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