Fire Pit and Fire Ring

First of all, you should choose a location for the construction of garden fire pit by yourself. In order to maximize the hearth fire with an open flame it is recommended to choose a place on the lawn or a rocky area, away from trees and shrubs. If your site is small enough, and the choice of a suitable place to focus is very limited, take care of the maximum safety during operation.

You can pour the water area around the fire pit before lighting the fire, and always have an adequate supply of a number of water and a shovel to quickly extinguish the flames. The optimum diameter of the fore pit ring is 80-120 cm. However, you should dig a hole 60 cm wider: after laying the first two rows of masonry area outside the focus should be filled with gravel to give the strength of the base.

The soil in the bottom of the street foci removed to a depth of 30 cm. In the center of the base dig additional drain hole 60 cm deep and fill it with gravel. Then draw on the base of the filling gravel and 10 cm by 10 cm of sand. Well tamp backfill. To stonework it was perfectly flat, it is possible to use a ring of steel, which is then laid on the grill for grilling. With construction levels should be monitored the vertical walls of masonry. When used for outdoor fireplace flat blocks of the same size should be carefully checked first and subsequent horizontal rows of masonry.

A steel ring with an external projection fits into the fire pit before laying the last row of stones. Then the stones are stacked in such a way to close the tab and fix the focus ring. The original height of the masonry in the present outbreak was seven series, but then one layer, it was decided to remove, because the fire was burning better at a lower height masonry.

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