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The dream of many owners of country houses or traditional city apartments is to decorate the interior of home by real fireplace. You will admit, that live fire is that rare phenomenon, which you can admire infinitely. Unfortunately, to set a wonderful fireplace in any room is unlikely to succeed.

The reason is the small size of our apartments and the harsh rules of fire safety, where there is a strict ban on open fires in rooms and buildings. In addition, for this you need to build a wood fire chimney system that you can’t allow in the apartments.

If you’re still dreaming of this home, which will not only keep you warm, but also give pleasure and comfort, then you need to purchase an electric fire dancer fire pit with the effect of live fire or flame. It’s magnificent decoration in the interior of your home, and in a large room, and living room, and even in the bedroom.

The main advantage of such a product is guaranteed security. To install fire dancer fire pit is possible even in apartment buildings without fearing for your live, the lives of your relatives or neighbors. Near the electric fire, you get warm in a cold winter evening, calm nerves, watching the flames that are visually indistinguishable from their counterparts arisen during the combustion of wood. In addition, it’s clean, and beautiful!

Such false fire dancer fire pit will certainly be the focus of your home or apartment, its highlight. Many skeptics argue that electric analog is unable to replace the present outbreak. However, it is available, safe and able to save you from many of the attendant problems – smoke room, chimney construction, storage and purchase of wood, etc.

Fireplaces with the effect of live fire have different designs. To make the resemblance to the wood-burning fireplace decorative cladding tiles, stucco, marble or wood are usually used. There are many types of them, such as freestanding electric fireplaces with cast-iron oven-like, or fire dancer fire pit with basket of metal sheets or plates. Cabinet fireplace for a small room can also be embedded in a specially prepared for it a niche in the furniture.

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