Copper Fire Pit

Modern copper fire pit of combined design, are usually made of heat-resistant concrete with marble chips. For your convenience, almost all models are equipped with a copper or steel smoke box; it can be mounted smoke box with built smokehouse. The lower part of the combustion chamber is lined with ceramic bricks for longer life. Airflow through the iron grate optimize combustion of coal, and a handy ash drawer facilitate the cleaning after use. All models are going to a barbecue in the country with their own hands using a minimum of tools and materials. Copper fire pit is a furnace for garden fireplaces for convenient cooking outdoors. This is a classic model of a barbecue from a mixture of crushed marble and concrete. The streamlined hull shape and muted colors allow this furnace model harmoniously fit into any landscape.

For cooking meat barbecue has three positions for gridiron. The combustion zone is lined inside thermo brick. Chimney cap may be made of noble copper or stainless steel. Copper fire pit can have a barbecue as a classic golden pink color and oxidized (aged) surface. With aging, a copper hood coated is accelerating the process, with a large area is difficult to obtain uniform color. This is due to the natural properties of copper. Upon receipt of the required color of the surface treated copper barbecue antioxidant. All stages of the production process from copper kitchen hoods from manufacturing drawings (customized) to obtain the finished product are carried out within 15 – 20 business days. In the manufacture of copper barbecue, different methods of metal processing are used: bending, rolling, welding and soldering copper.

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