Cool Fire Pit

Many are eagerly awaiting the onset of heat, so that you can already go to the favorite summer residence or a vacation home, to make a chaise longue on the street to hang a hammock and sit around the campfire in the evening good company.

Yet not all the snow melted, can dream and make plans how to create on their own piece of land paradise. The huge popularity of the cool fire pit has long won all owners of suburban areas. If there is a place in the country, why not do the beauty of his hands, where you can relax, sit and fry kebab as a patio in this version? Such a place for recreation not leave anyone indifferent, whatever cool fire pit was not – made of wood, stone, brick or concrete. Patio can be used in different ways, in all variants – this is the most pleasant pastime: Use as a picnic with family and friends, or simply sunbathing on a sunny day. This marked area is also free fits on a table with chairs themselves or sandbox for the kids.

Patio can have a variety of functions, which are determined by its location and the selected materials in the construction. In our country, we equip the patio next to the house, but it is not a prerequisite, as the design does not provide for a patio roof. To begin construction of a patio at the cottage, you need to have a clear idea of its shape, size and location. In order to avoid mistakes in the construction, it is necessary to have on hand a scaled diagram of the desired cottage patio.

Also in the details should consider future d├ęcor as monochrome patio is unlikely to give you a cheerful holiday atmosphere. The size of the cool fire pit is determined by its functional purpose. If you are a lover of big and noisy companies, the patio has to fit many people. Conversely, if you often spend time alone or a close family circle, make a big patio inappropriate.

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