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Kebab or barbecue is a dish beloved by so many people, that’s why there are many recipes for its cooking. However, the question now is not about recipes. One of the most important stages in the transformation of semi-finished product into tasty and delicious is heat treatment. To do this, we usually harvest wood, kindle fire, and after the formation of a sufficient amount of coal, fry the meat well, – directly going to cooking kebabs. For the accumulation of hot coals, people typically use special device, which is cooking fire pit. This steel small size container with holes in the sides for better airflow blowing coals, which allows to retain heat for a long time. Portable cooking fire pit is good as its compact and relatively lightweight, easy to transport and carry for barbecue at any place. Stationary barbecues are folded finally and can serve as an architectural ornament garden. Nobody will steal them.

The only flaw is that you shouldn’t leave it unattended. A significant disadvantage of the use of cooking fire pit is the dependence of the process of preparation on the weather. Indeed, in the pouring rain coals instantly flood with water and they go out. When strong winds blow embers of the cooking fire pit fly away, and besides, hot sparks can get on clothes, exposed areas of the body, resulting in burns. Therefore, if you are in your summer cottage, you can build stationary grill by yourself. Now you can fry the kebabs in any weather. For the construction of the cooking fire pit you will need to have only few bricks. First, choose a suitable location. It should be distant from the trees, shrubs and other cultural spaces. Because a fire can ignite these plants. Alternatively, they will die from exposure to high temperatures. When the site is selected, the pit should be excavated. Its width depends on the length of your existing skewers. The width should be more than 15 centimeters. The length of the hole depends on how much you plan to place the skewers on your future grill. Usually it is sufficient length of 60-70 centimeters. The depth of the hole is about 30 centimeters.

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