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Until recently, the clay was widely used in the construction of furnaces, including fire pits. It has one drawback. Fire pits built with clay mortar, must be protected from moisture. Not suitable for a bunch of clay bricks on the tube often are replaced by lime, cement. In recent years, became more popular ready-refractory mixture, which can be purchased in the store in a dry form and is used after adding water.

However, the clay is a cheap building material, which is environmentally friendly. For construction burgundy or dark red clay is usually used. The fact that the cost of manufacturing such a fire pit is sufficiently low allows receiving on its implementation, all 100%.

Clay fire pit ideas

However, its final price will be acceptable to all groups. A food cooked in a fire pit barbecue will be different by its better taste.Ready solution suitable for use, should resemble a thick sour cream. In operation, a container with clay mortar must be protected from moisture evaporation. You can use:mixture of clay and river sand, prepared with your own hands or ready-mix from the store to a separate furnace walls and another.Another argument of the benefit of clay products is their environmental properties, as in the production process does not use any chemical additives, all only natural.

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