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If in the conditions of a city apartment playing with fire can end up pretty bad, the cottage or the plot has all the conditions to enjoy a real, live fire and at the same time to use it for its intended purpose, i.e. for cooking. Many people equip a place for barbecue in their garden, but there is a more attractive option – to arrange a real clay fire pit, that, judging from the excavations was in the caves of primitive people, of course, adjusted for current opportunities and challenges, among which security is chief. Equipping clay fire pit in the open air, surrounded by nature, you have a great opportunity not only to prepare a tasty barbecue, but also just to sit with friends, relax and socialize. In addition, in order to make steady fireplace harmoniously fit into the design of your holiday or the infield, you need to think carefully about its location and appearance.

Essentially, there is nothing particularly complicated about it. First, you need to choose the form of the hearth, that can be circular or rectangular. Majority of craftsmen believe that the best option is a circle with a diameter of 90-110 cm; others are of the opinion that the best is rectangle. However, it does not matter, because this clay fire pit in any case will need a pit depth of 30-40 cm. Then along its perimeter, you will need to dig another trench – for the foundation of the fireplace walls. The walls may have a thickness from 20 up to 30 cm; they are usually constructed of concrete blocks, paving slabs, bricks, and natural stone. Sheet of metal should be placed inside the pit, and the distance between it and the walls should be filled with sand or clay solution.

While building the bounding wall, you should attach the blocks with a special solution with refractory components, stove mortar or adhesive used for installation of fireplaces and hearths. It is advisable to make a ledge to put all you need for cooking on it, for example, dishes and so on. One more thing: of course, there is no bad weather, but to prevent flooding your clay fire pit with water when it rains, it is advisable to equip it with a lid to protect from precipitation. You can arrange a fireplace and a bowl with a diameter of about one meter, made of metal, ceramic (brick), sandstone rubble and so forth, installed on a reliable basis. In this case, you do not need to dig anything, a clay fire pit will be located in the center of the flat ground where, in fact, you will gather with your friends.

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