Cinder block fire pit

Beach fire pit will make the evening by the sea memorable! Such a fire to warm and protect you from the cool sea breeze and allow to cook a delicious dinner fragrant.

If you like to relax with a company in your own garden, at first glance it may seem that the simplest solution is to kindle the fire on the ground, choosing a place away from buildings and trees. However, this fire is difficult to kindle and maintain, or protect from the wind. Cooking on an open fire requires special tools, but sitting on the ground around the fire is uncomfortable. If you want to fully enjoy the magic of open flames in your garden, it is advisable to equip the area with cinder block fire pit by all the rules.

First, you need to choose a resembling place on the site, which should be located away from the crowns of trees (at least 5 meters) from home and other holiday buildings and 2 meters away from any combustible items. It is advisable not to place the focus in the flood valley, but to build it on a height is also a bad idea. Wall, protecting the flame from the wind, keeping you warm and prevents sparks scatter around, should be built of natural stone, concrete blocks, sunken bricks or paving slabs. The wall thickness is arbitrary, typically 20-30cm, but not less than 10-15 cm. Otherwise the clutch can be greatly overheated or destroyed by mechanical stress during the fire ignition or cleaning after use. It is also convenient to put the necessary tools and utensils for cooking on the wide ledge. For connecting the individual units in the bounding wall, bonfire ordinary cement slurry is not suitable. It is advisable to use a solution with a fire retardant or used for bonding stones clay oven solution.

Sometimes the sale is a special glue for masonry hearths and fireplaces. For greater reliability and durability of the lower inner portion of the well can be protected sheet metal strip. The gap between the metal and the stone should be filled with a solution of clay or sand. Nowadays, technological progress and always busy or that it’s not able to relax and delight someone like melodic crackling logs, soaring flames, scattering bright sparks. What could be better than to gather family and best friends around a cinder block fire pit singing songs with a guitar, telling stories, fragrant barbecue feast, smelling of smoke!

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