Cauldron Fire Pit

Having learned to fry the meat on the fire in prehistoric times, people use this principle of preparation for this day. Today there are so many recipes and appliances for cooking barbecue. We have the most common arrangement – cauldron fire pit in the form of a metal box on legs, filled with coals, with recesses in the sidewalls to hold the skewers. The advantages of this barbecue – its low cost and ease of use.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to control the temperature and airflow, so heat may be uneven. In the Europe are very popular barbecues and grills. The difference between these two devices is that the barbecue – a more complex device, which manufacturers are often provided with its many functions. Modern cauldron fire pit can not only fry, and stew, smoke, heat the oven and even cakes. Cauldron fire pit can be coal, power, and even gas. Recent popular in Europe and America because of the ease of use. Barbecue boiler – is the most convenient to use the device because it has a tight lid with openings for ventilation.

Among the most common portable barbecue pot with a tight-fitting lid and two holes for ventilation: the top and bottom. These boilers can be used as regular barbecue and oven, or possible as a smokehouse. They are not allowed to kindle the wood: only charcoal briquettes or special. The charcoal grill meat or fish cooked in a skewer, and on the grid. At the bottom of the grill, as well as on the bottom of the barbecue, put wood or coal. Cauldron fire pit also can be with a lid. It will protect the grill from the wind and transform an open roasting pan in theclosed oven, with consistently high temperature.

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