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There is a category of people, who want to make everything in their houses with their hands. Some of them want to make a fireplace, stove or home for a fire pit, but don’t know which brick to choose. In this article, we look at the main types of bricks for fire pit, which are used for fireplaces and stoves.

Refractory (firebrick) is white, made of refractory clay, possessing great strength and improved fire resistance used in furnaces for the inner surface of the firebox (furnace).
Average “red” (clay) bricks can not withstand intense heat. At a temperature of “white heat” (1200 ° C), it melts, and when it cools down, crumbles. It is used in places where there is little thermal conductivity.

Bricks for fireplaces and stoves come in different sizes. Used mainly standard size, length 250 mm, width 120 mm, and height 65 mm. This type is called a single, because in addition to it, is thickened, or one and a half.

Not all other types, for masonry fireplaces are simply needed! Especially now, coming up with anything for a variety of goods, but be sure that with these two types, one can construct a fireplace of any complexity. Be careful when choosing a bricks for fire pit, sometimes the markets offer cheap goods under a different name, buy more confident ground to avoid troubles. When hardening, the main components can purchase a variety of colors and the degree of fit. Technology of production of refractory fireclay brick is that a special refractory clay mixed with the powder, fireclay, and lends itself to roasting at high temperatures. Because of these actions is obtained refractory bricks able to withstand temperatures up to 1800S. Typically, refractory bricks are packed on pallets. Depending on the number of bricks on a pallet, it can significantly differ. Laying of refractory bricks is usually produced with specialized masonry mixture.

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