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Everybody likes beach vacations! Beautiful sea and golden sand, extensive coastline, golden tan and incendiary parties. Moreover, at the end of the day – a cozy evening with your beloved family or friends near built up by your own fire. What could be better? Nevertheless, kindling a fire on the beach should be made accordingly to some rules, because it must be safe for travelers, do not pollute and contaminate the recreation area, but also be protected from the strong sea wind. Bonfire on the beach, whether it is public or personal, must be equipped with a beach fire pit.

In general, a beach fire pit it is the best you can come up with. It requires a little wood, suitable for cooking and easily extinguished, leaving no trace – just filled hole. To this fire gets enough oxygen, you can dig up next to another hole, connected to the first small narrow mink. When the second pit is the same depth as the first, it will feed the fire of oxygen, when you put on top of the first boiler. By the way, the boiler must be put, leaving at least half of the neck holes are not closed, otherwise the fire will go out. If you want to have a smokehouse or dryer camp for firewood, the second pit should be approximately 2/3 the depth of the first.

For this type of beach fire pit, you need to dig a hole in the ground. To keep the heat on the bottom of the hole it is advisable to put the stones. Around the campfire pit makes a small hill or wall of sand around them and pull the ring ditch. This is to protect travelers from the flame, which can go beyond the hole. If you plan to build a fire on the beach all the time, you can strengthen the pit using stones, cement or clay, after installing a special ring.

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