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BBQ is a process cooking on low heat or hot coals. When it takes a long time, is slow, it allows you to break down the muscle fibers of collagen, and the meat is extremely soft and gentle. It is believed, that the name “barbecue” originated in the Caribbean, and is translated from the local dialect means “sacred fire pit.” According to tradition, the inhabitants of the Caribbean used the shallow barbecue fire pit for cooking meat. Later, the word came to be called barbecue meat dishes, cooked on a spit and modern traditions barbecue originate from the United States. A large area of the country the weather allows you to organize family celebrations and holiday parties in the yard and barbecue meat is becoming a key dish on the table.

Before you are going to mount the barbecue fire pit on your territory, be sure whether it is possible to do it, as the authorities may prohibit the use of open fire, because a number of growing forest or still exist any reason. Self-construction of barbecue fire pit without the permission of authorities can turn into a large fine, especially from the fire inspection. Choose a location for your BBQ pit, providing a place to walk around, away from fences or buildings with combustible materials. Depending on the number of people who will sit in the evenings around the campfire, decide the diameter of the hole. The most optimal diameter is 1.5 meters.

Use red bricks to lift the wall in barbecue fire pit. Perform masonry, placing it on the mortar, leaving the gap between the bricks for air circulation. Make a wall height of three brick barbecue pit pour a solution of 3 cm thick. Ties of the solution can be done with a little slope, reducing to the lowest point, which is in the center. After the barbecue fire pit will be made, kindle the fire. Do not look to add the height of the wall at the barbecue, to sparks from the fire extinguished itself in the hole. Do not make too big a fire; this can lead to sparks in the far-standing buildings.

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