Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Have you ever wondered how to make backyard fire pit design in the country with their own hands, but make it beautiful, cheap and with the use of available materials? BBQ is good, but sometimes you want to sit around this fire. Here are simple instructions on how to create backyard fire pit design by yourself. The first thing you need to do is decide what size will pit under the fireplace and then divide in half the size, we find that the radius of the future circle. Take the string, tie it to a peg driven into the center and draws a circle. You can snap to the end of the thread to the bank and draw a chalk stripe them.

On-site dig a hole layout. A shovel stuck so that the wall had been prone to the center of the pit. The pit should be about 30 cm. In depth. Now you need to make a dense base in our place for a fire. For this purpose, a small layer of sand on the bottom of the pit pour 10 cm. Gravel and align it with a rake. Go to the bricks. We spread them campfire pit wall. The space between the bricks can be filled with the usual clay. Bricks compacted and aligned with a hammer. Again, take a shovel and remove the turf at the campfire circle. Filming should be as well to lay your flat stones. Then spread the circle of stones. If you do not find the stones that can be tiled bricks.

The space between the bricks or stones covered with soil and sand. To choose such a place should be guided by the following considerations. The site should be located in the marginal distance from residential and farm buildings in the territory of the site. At such a distance that, even in a snowstorm sparks could not get under the roof of the buildings and create a fire. That is, select a location in the farthest corner to the middle or end of the plot. It is advisable to close to the homemade pond where trout for the summer visitor throws his desk. This will facilitate the extinguishing of the fire after cooking meat outdoors.

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