Portable Electric Fireplace

These handy kitchen appliances can be implemented in a portable or stationary mode and have a glass ceramic or metal non-stick surface. Portable electric fireplace are convenient in that they can be put in any convenient place and, if necessary, submit to the veranda, or on the street, where it is possible to plug it into a standard electrical network with a voltage of 220 V. This grill is useful in a country house or dacha, alone with him a barbecue on a few people never canceled due to bad weather. If the kitchen in your apartment has a powerful extractor fan, electrical provide you with steaks for dinner and hot sandwiches in the morning.

Stationary portable electric fireplace, calculated on a three-phase electrical power network and 380 have more power and surface area, is a professional installation. Usually they become public catering. However, if you live in a private home and at your site is a place for cooking under a canopy, so electrical grill barbecue perfectly fit into the landscape and allow to feed fried chicken, or meat Sausages whole company guests. Of course, matters and the material covering the working surface. Glass looks more aesthetically pleasing, and clear it from the fat of burnt much easier. Usually set portable electric fireplace with glass surface includes a special scraper that can be burnt to remove without damaging it.

The disadvantages of such surfaces can be attributed to the sensitivity of temperature difference – they can crack, if you put on top of the pan or saucepan with an uneven bottom, or if they are accidentally spilled cold water. Devices with metallic surfaces in this respect, are more forgiving, and cost less. Due to the non-stick, coating to clean them is also quite simple and easy. To juice during cooking does not stick, in metal trays portable electric fireplace provided into which pour water or fill them with lava stones absorb fat to eliminate the occurrence of smoke and fumes.

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