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Popularity of stoves heat and glo fireplaces nowadays is growing. There are many reasons for that. The main one, in our opinion, is the desire to make your home warm and cozy, and the interior – an attractive and original. If the living room has a fireplace, as a rule, it becomes the center of attraction. However, for the attention of the inhabitants of the house with it competes another thing – the TV. This contradiction is possible only by combining the two things together. Designer of heat and glo fireplaces used this principle and built-in LCD TV directly above the heat and glo fireplaces, running on bioethanol.

Even further the company Heat & Glow net, making a fireplace futuristic art object. At its creation designers inspired view of the setting sun. From the side it seems like flames hovering in the air or drop off into the distance, like a mirror maze. These effect creators of fireplace achieved with special technology and transparent burner. Heat and glo fireplaces can be mounted directly on either the wall and set “transmission” to the fire could be seen from two premises. Innovation, the concepts used in the production of fireplaces at the request of the customer and size, enable the company to produce full heating systems, combining aesthetics and high thermal efficiency with high environmental demands. In the vast area of factories, stone carvers work with the machines managed by computers of the last generation. This well-organized ballet, where almost 20 professions work together, starting with the concept of the production of fireplaces on request to delivery and installation of fireplaces, heating and barbecue. Heat and glo fireplaces entered into a new world dynamics and established innovation and product design as the basis of its development strategy.

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