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Electric stove heater- this is one of the key elements, on which depends the operation of the entire product. Modern furnaces do not only qualitatively simulate live fire, but can heat the room in which they reside. Modern thermostats are easy to measure the ambient temperature and can smoothly adjust it on the fly.

Simulation of fire in modern electric stove heater is so realistic that it can easily be considered almost a full replacement of fireplaces with live fire. It is especially important that would install a fireplace in the apartment. Qualitative simulation of fire and high-quality imitation logs smoldering charms. You will be able to enjoy it in the evening with family or friends.

In today’s market ready electric stove heater is presented with a large assortment. So a model of optimal size, construction and design is not difficult to buy. But because they are made of steel or cast iron, you have to decide what material is preferred. And the factors that speak in favor of this or that kind will help to make the right decision. It is necessary to compare the key criteria. Cast iron firebox Chimney is considered a classic one for the fire. This species belongs to the traditional, because it is used successfully for many years. It became the epitome of modern design and technology. Cast iron firebox consists of separate elements. They are assembled as a constructor. At the junction of the outer shell of the furnace the cord is laid, which provides sealing products.

Compared with steel, cast iron firebox retains heat longer, as the cast belongs to the best heat store. Before you buy a furnace for the fireplace, you should take this into account. This fireplace is heated, though slowly, but gives off heat the same slowly. In addition, for such an alloy is characterized by thermo plasticity. This is a very important advantage. Cast iron melt easily takes the required shape and insert is obtained without cracks and micro voids. Therefore, the product does not threaten the deformation and destruction.

Another plus of the iron electric stove heater is ability to raise the doors via a chain mechanism, which is more reliable than cable release used in steel structures. This is the most practical, strong and durable option.

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