Dimplex Fireplace Insert

Dimplex fireplace insert allows you to turn the fireplace a decorative element in a complete heating unit, allowing you to quickly heat the room where the stove is installed and maintain a warm atmosphere throughout the process of burning firewood. In addition, the dimplex fireplace insert considerably reduces wood consumption. Wood consumption is reduced due to the possibility of adjusting the air supply to the combustion. When igniting the fireplace damper is completely open, allowing the fire to ignite without difficulty. After ending the need to maintain, a constant flame in the fireplace cassette overlaps the air supply to a minimum.

This can significantly reduce the intensity of the burning wood, but keep the accumulated heat. Because the dimplex fireplace insert has firmly closes the door and control the combustion air supply, you do not need to worry about overlapping the chimney before bedtime. The door will not let the room cool down through the open chimney and air regulator will maintain a safe wood burning throughout the night. That means waking sutra you find a warm fireplace, which is enough to throw a few fireplaces without further ignition. Fireplace inserts are designed specifically for existing fireplace portals. The depth of the fireplace portal is from 35 cm. Depending on the width of the portal inserts used for one or two fuel unit. The basis of design is forged stand, which is located inside the fuel flow capacity of 2 liters. Biofuel is poured directly into the fuel flow using a funnel. Large ceramic logs are indistinguishable from the real thing.

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