Majestic Fireplace

Majestic fireplace is certainly a prestigious, spectacular and expensive element of the decor. He clearly underlines the status of the owner of the house, its taste and prestige. Not everyone can boast that his […]

Victorian Fireplace

Victorian fireplace was an important attribute of an English home during the time of Queen Victoria: without it, the living room wasn’t considered accomplished. This article discusses the characteristics of the device and the […]

Granite Fireplace

Granite fireplace are exquisite detail of the interior design and functional heating simultaneously. The functionality of all fireplaces is about the same, but the look – this is something you can express their imagination […]

Slate Fireplace

Slate fireplace is a significant contribution to the creation of a cozy interior of a private house. The desire to install a fireplace for a long time based on the desire of man to […]

Painting Brick Fireplace

Not everyone likes to hide the natural color of the brick, but if the fireplace has decayed, after painting it will look much better. In most of the coloring compositions capable of withstanding high […]

Fireless Fireplace

Fireplace is a dream of almost every city dweller. Sit in the evening with the whole family or just relax in solitude at his hearth and home is cozy and priceless. Initially fireplaces were […]

Christmas Fireplace

Christmas is a holiday, which is clearly symbolized by New Year’s tree. What else you can decorate your home and make it the Christmas spirit? Firstly, it is Christmas wreaths on doors and windows, […]

Brick Fireplace

The popularity of fireplaces is now growing steadily. After all, the fireplace creates a unique atmosphere in the house, making the home more comfortable and original. It argued that the fireplace is quite difficult […]

Virtual fireplace

Lot of people want to see their home beautiful, cozy and romantic. What can complement the interior? Of course, a fireplace. However, there is a small problem, because full fireplace can be equipped not […]

Fireplace decorating ideas

Fire awakes in our hearts surprisingly pleasant feelings – a sense of calm, peace, comfort. Indeed, it’s nice to sit by the fire, listening to the crackling wood, feel the warmth and comfort of […]