Marco Fireplace Parts

Today the market offers a wide range of marco fireplace parts from different manufacturers. When buying a fireplace it is important to immediately buy spare parts for the fireplace, which may be required during […]

Faux Fireplace

The presence of a faux fireplace in the room, even if it is not quite true, subtly alters the atmosphere – it becomes a cozy, warm. Let the common phrase “homey atmosphere” sounds as […]

Double Sided Fireplace

As you know, the chimney and fireplace insert built located inside the wall. However, part of the furnace simply does not fit in the wall and the back of the stands in the adjacent […]

Contemporary Fireplace

With the proliferation of individual housing construction among the owners of private houses significantly increased interest in the construction of fireplaces. Despite the fact that the construction of a full-fledged heating contemporary fireplace in […]

Limestone Fireplace

Elegant fireplace made of natural stone limestone not only create comfort in your home, but will also become a stylish design element of the interior. Natural stone has many colors and shades, so there […]

Wall Fireplace

Wall mounted electric fireplaces in hi-tech style is a perfect choice for those who appreciate contemporary style and brevity in interior decoration. These wall fireplaces are mounted on the wall and look like a […]

Fireplace Renovation

Purpose of almost any fireplace is not only in heating premises, what, of course, is in first place, but to be a decoration at home. It is necessary to fireplace at home organically and […]

Fireplace Chimney

Today, a fireplace in the room of the house – it’s not fancy and exclusive accessory, but a practical luxury. To heater worked without smoke or reverse thrust, it is necessary to choose the […]

Ventless Fireplace

Is it possible to organize in the house of the living source of heat without a chimney – a fireplace, stove or any other heater? Most of the answers to this question, referring to […]

Masonry Fireplace

In its origin, a fireplace is far ahead of various types of furnaces. Its design since the invention until today has undergone great changes, but retained the principle of operation, and the initial shape. […]