Napoleon Gas Fireplace

Modern and sophisticated line of gas napoleon fireplaces created in order to give a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your home. Napoleon gas fireplaces are designed with the most advanced electronic technology of fire […]

Heatilator Gas Fireplace

Number of supporters of gas fireplaces is growing. Its’ warm and cozy same way as in a traditional house with a fireplace, but there is so much trouble with the wood for him. Heatilator […]

Mendota Fireplace

Today, fireplaces have long ceased to be a bizarre sign of luxury. Almost every average citizen afford to build a fireplace in his house. Moreover, a huge number of mendota fireplace now represents the […]

Valor Fireplace

The Company Valor (UK) manufactures gas and electric fireplaces for homes, cottages and country houses. Which owners do not dream of a country house on winter evenings in a cozy family atmosphere warm up […]

Montigo Fireplace

Fireplace is nothing like the sweeping insert with cone-shaped, combined with fume collection tube and placed above the combustion chamber. However, its exterior design and functional form of the harmonic structure. Montigo fireplace is […]