Free Standing Gas Fireplace

Free standing gas fireplace relates to the kind of modern heaters, which stylistically and functionally mimic a classic fireplace. Modern heating technology is successfully applied in the collection of floor, wall and dockside electric […]

Corner Gas Fireplace

Ceramic gas burner for fireplaces also are manufactured in contact corner performance. Depending on the design of the room, you can build a corner gas fireplace. Corner gas burners allow to build a fireplace […]

Natural Gas Fireplace

The time when the fire in the house was vital necessity, left far in the past. Today, we surround ourselves with objects of the interior, making our home respectable luxury, that is actually cheap. […]

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

In the past direct vent gas fireplace was a common niche in the wall, completed with simple chimney made of clay or wood. Such a structure was large, occupied huge space of dwelling; it […]

Temco Fireplace

Ceramic gas burner for temco fireplace, distinguished by reliability and safety in operation. Engineers of temco fireplace constantly improves the design of ceramic gas burners using modern technology and apparatus for controlling the combustion […]

Contemporary Gas Fireplace

Flames in a fireplace fire in the cold shadow of the wall are reflected. Who has not dreamed of sweet bliss in the quiet frosty evening by the fireplace? Unfortunately, there are many nuances […]

Napoleon Fireplace

Company Napoleon produces heating and ventilation equipment – its including fireplaces, running on gas and wood fuel, charcoal and gas grills, as well as various equipment for picnics, so loved by people around the […]

Heat & Glo Fireplaces

Popularity of stoves heat and glo fireplaces nowadays is growing. There are many reasons for that. The main one, in our opinion, is the desire to make your home warm and cozy, and the […]

Gas Logs for Fireplace

According to the type of used fuel there are several types of fireplaces: fireplace stoves and wood-burning fireplaces (used as fuel wood, coal, briquettes), gas fireplaces (using natural gas) and electric fireplaces (powered from […]

Monessen Fireplace

The popularity of the fire as an element of the modern interior has been steadily increasing, so are increasingly found functional or decorative monessen fireplaces not only in country houses, but also in urban […]