How To Build Concrete Fire Pit

Every owner of a country house or cottage want to be able to dissolve on your site live fire, a warm evening sitting by the campfire, roasting over a fire something edible. How to […]

The Most Famous Coleman Fire Pits

Most often a Coleman fire pit looks like a box made of heat-resistant materials such as stone, brick, concrete blocks and others. The upper part of the front wall and the mailbox are absent. […]

Clay Fire Pits

Clay fire pit ideas
Clay fire pit ideasClay brick fire pit ideaBowl fire pitClay fire pit idea for home

Until recently, the clay was widely used in the construction of furnaces, including fire pits. It has one drawback. Fire pits built with clay mortar, must be protected from moisture. Not suitable for a […]

How to build fire pit yourself

Build a concrete fire pit

The best version of your evening is to sit by the fire, fry some snacks on the flame and just look at the tongues of flame. Of course, it would be desirable to make […]