Fire Pit BBQ

Barbeque (hearth cooking in the open air) is usually adjacent to the house and can be seen as a variant of a summer kitchen, which has always been popular in our climate. It can […]

Fire Pit Landscaping

Before you equip the fire pit landscaping, you need to carefully consider the territory of its location. Fireplace should be located away from the garden trees, lodges and other outbuildings. The optimal distance to […]

Bricks For Fire Pit

There is a category of people, who want to make everything in their houses with their hands. Some of them want to make a fireplace, stove or home for a fire pit, but don’t […]

Patio with fire pit

Patio is drawing-room in the open air in the shadow of the plants – a cozy corner in the area, where guests can retreat from the bustle of the streets, enjoying unity with nature […]

Sunken fire pit

The predecessor of fireplace was a sunken fire pit – a deepening dug in the ground. It served two main objectives: didn’t not allow the fire to spread and kept the heat for cooking. […]

Cinder block fire pit

Beach fire pit will make the evening by the sea memorable! Such a fire to warm and protect you from the cool sea breeze and allow to cook a delicious dinner fragrant. If you […]

Beach fire pit

Everybody likes beach vacations! Beautiful sea and golden sand, extensive coastline, golden tan and incendiary parties. Moreover, at the end of the day – a cozy evening with your beloved family or friends near […]

Glass Fire Pit

Glass fire pit is completely innovative model of an outdoor fireplaces. Modern, bright outlines allow to make the atmosphere of your garden and yard unusual and stylish, decorate it with a fascinating  effect of […]

Fire Pit and Fire Ring

First of all, you should choose a location for the construction of garden fire pit by yourself. In order to maximize the hearth fire with an open flame it is recommended to choose a […]

Fire Pit Grille For You

The advantage of the fire pit grille in the open fire – is, above all, fire and no smoke. The fire in the grille, in contrast to the bonfire, can be diluted in any […]