Barbecue Fire Pit

BBQ is a process cooking on low heat or hot coals. When it takes a long time, is slow, it allows you to break down the muscle fibers of collagen, and the meat is […]

Fire Pit Outfitter

If you are not able to carry out a full tour of the nature, use your yard in a country house! Small children will have great fun and will feel all the romance of […]

Gazebo with Fire Pit

Gazebo often become the meeting place for large companies, spiritual conversations and merry feast. This place should not only be equipped with a table and benches or chairs, but also to be well lit […]

Portable Gas Fire Pit

Popularity of portable gas fire pits today is growing. Our fellow citizens understand, how nice is to sit somewhere in the country or in a country house, to get together with close friends and […]

Portable Fire Pit

The advantages of the portable fire pit is the versatility, efficiency, compactness. It combines the functions of the grill, barbecue, grill, hob, oven, smokehouse. With grilling portable fire pit you can without the hassle […]

Octagon Fire Pit

To make any octagon fire pit in their area, you must first determine the place where it will be, and prepare it. First, you need to mark a regular octagon. How to do it? […]

Unilock Fire Pit

Unilock fire pit is a powerful inner courtyard with several parties walled houses, fences, screens or greenery. Even during the Roman Empire, its presence allows residents to take refuge from the heat of the […]

Fire Pit Glass Rock

Fold a beautiful rock fireplaces for a fire at home at the corner of landscape design is not an easy task, but doable successfully. You need only to have free time, skills in bricklaying […]

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Have you ever wondered how to make backyard fire pit design in the country with their own hands, but make it beautiful, cheap and with the use of available materials? BBQ is good, but […]

Cool Fire Pit

Many are eagerly awaiting the onset of heat, so that you can already go to the favorite summer residence or a vacation home, to make a chaise longue on the street to hang a […]