Table Top Fire Pit

Fireplace is a very comfortable thing in the interior. What can you say about the table, which is also the fireplace? No light will not replace the warmth of a living fire. Because fireplaces […]

Natural Stone Fire Pit

Fireplace in essence a hole in the ground with strong stalls that help keep the form bonfire, protect the flame from the wind and keep warm. This is especially important in our crowded suburban […]

Pavestone Fire Pit

With the development of the private cottage construction and an increase in wanting to live away from the city, enjoying the beauty of nature and fresh air, there are new architectural solutions. One of […]

Galvanized Fire Pit Ring

in the sun, but also warm up by the fire at cool evenings. It’s nice when a place is still pleasing to the eye and its decor, but not black spots on the grass. […]

Menards Fire Pit

The warm season is always associated with the cottage, menards fire pit and pleasant pastime outdoors. Menards fire pit would be the best assistant in the preparation of tasty and healthy food on an […]

Fire Pit Base

Fire pit base in the countryside begins with the arrangement of the complex excavation work – a place in the future fire deepen about 0.1-0.3 m with a diameter of 0.5-1 m. Subject to […]

Garden Fire Pit

In recent years, there is a significant increase in the popularity of garden fire pits. The art of cooking on the grill is not only fun pastime, but also very delicious food. Cookbook of […]

Cauldron Fire Pit

Having learned to fry the meat on the fire in prehistoric times, people use this principle of preparation for this day. Today there are so many recipes and appliances for cooking barbecue. We have […]

Cowboy Fire Pit Grill

Who does not love a holiday with a barbecue? However, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to travel frequently to the countryside. You can arrange a holiday for yourself and friends at least every weekend […]

Copper Fire Pit

Modern copper fire pit of combined design, are usually made of heat-resistant concrete with marble chips. For your convenience, almost all models are equipped with a copper or steel smoke box; it can be […]