Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Fire enclosed in the hearth, is able to create in a room atmosphere of comfort and warmth. However, it has a downside. After all, in order to maintain the optimum temperature in the room […]

Dimplex Electric Fireplace

Dimplex electric fireplace is the well-known Irish brand, going far ahead of the competition. These products are a unique combination of luxurious design and maximum ease of operation. Electric fireplace symbolizes comfort and tranquility, […]

Dimplex Fireplace Insert

Dimplex fireplace insert allows you to turn the fireplace a decorative element in a complete heating unit, allowing you to quickly heat the room where the stove is installed and maintain a warm atmosphere […]

Dimplex Fireplace Hearth

How often in the fireplace hearth, we lack the living flame and heat chimney fire. It is a magnet attracts, giving not only comfort and convenience, but also aesthetically pleasing. Not every citizen can […]

Heat & Glo Fireplaces

Popularity of stoves heat and glo fireplaces nowadays is growing. There are many reasons for that. The main one, in our opinion, is the desire to make your home warm and cozy, and the […]

Electric Fireplace Logs

Very often modern models of electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces and bio fireplaces you can see in the furnace of decorative wood, which create the illusion of a burning flame in the hearth and smoke […]

Portable Electric Fireplace

These handy kitchen appliances can be implemented in a portable or stationary mode and have a glass ceramic or metal non-stick surface. Portable electric fireplace are convenient in that they can be put in […]

Monessen Fireplace

The popularity of the fire as an element of the modern interior has been steadily increasing, so are increasingly found functional or decorative monessen fireplaces not only in country houses, but also in urban […]

Balmoral Electric Fireplace

At all times and for all peoples place near fireplace was served as a center uniting the family. Unfortunately, in a city is not easy to find a place to focus. However, thanks to […]