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Fire with cozy crackling woods in it and fun dancing flames over it, is difficult to kindle in an average city apartment. It is necessary to build the chimney, get many permits from local authorities, and it takes up a lot space. The price of such a fireplace is quite high in our country, and the hassle of installing is lot of time-consuming. It’s is not a reason to give up the magic of live fire, that makes home evenings so cozy and romantic. Even the smallest low cost tabletop fireplace is way to give you a huge amount of positive emotions. At the same time it is safe – burning biofuels emit carbon monoxide, so there is also no smoke, no soot. Therefore, you can set the table Bio-fireplace virtually anywhere. Despite the fact that the table fireplace is unpretentious and easy to everyday use, before you buy it, you should consider some of the nuances: combustion requires oxygen, so the unit can be used indoors only with ventilation.

There is nothing complicated to invent: micro ventilation provided by windows and doors is quite enough. Although, strictly speaking, tabletop fireplace is not heating appliance, it devotes a significant amount of heat. Therefore, most manufacturers do not recommend to use bio fireplaces in rooms of less than five m2. The undoubted advantage is that with such a heating the air of the room is not dried, because combustion of biofuels in the fireplace produces steam. Burning time and fuel consumption depends on the volume of the tabletop fireplace furnace. During the combustion the fuel cannot be added, you should wait until the fireplace cools down. On average, one liter of fuel is enough for 3 – 4 hours of burning for small desktop tabletop fireplace.

Desktop bio fireplaces are available in different designs, glass and metal, ceramic and wood are used in their manufacture. The design of the fireplace allows flame to be clearly visible from all sides. You can buy tabletop fireplace of different geometric shapes, sizes and colors. Any of them can decorate your home and make it a little bit of magic, give it warmth of a living fire, around which friends and family gather every weekend.

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