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The need to build or buy a fireplace rarely is the result of a spontaneous decision. Often this idea matures over the years – as part of the dream of a perfect cozy room, and implements together with your own holiday home design or with the room status increase. Moreover, a fireplace is a crucial element not only of the interior style formation, but your way of life.

However, the complexity of creating and installing traditional fireplaces has never predisposed to spontaneous changes in the interior. Meanwhile, it’s time to change your attitude to the fireplace: contemporary gel fuel fireplace may appear in the home at will in a few hours without repair of facilities and additional work. Above all, you should determine the type of fireplace fuel, because the design of every fireplace type is fundamentally different, and requires differences in the care and operation.

Biofuels, intended for gel fuel fireplace without a chimney and ventilation outlets, can be used indoors, for instance, in the office, in the apartment, in the country. The use of gel fuel fireplace gives the opportunity to enjoy a real fire in almost any conditions and in any room. Biofuels are equally suitable for all types of interior fireplaces.

It’s very easy and simple to apply biofuels. If you use fuel in the form of a gel, it is required only to open the lid of a jar, hide capacitance in a pile of decorative wood or stones and set fire. One can of gel fuel is enough for 2.5 – 3 hours continuous burning. For increasing the flame, you can ignite several cans of gel. It’s rather easy to put out the fire; you just need to wrap the cover on the banks, what will block the access of oxygen to the fire. It’s very simple to use liquid biofuels: you should just pour it into a special heating unit of gel fuel fireplace and burn. It’s almost impossible to use more fuel than necessary, because the fuel is produced in special containers – five-liter cans with the scale flow. One canister is designed for 18 – 20 hours of burning.

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