Alcohol Fireplace

The fuel used in our chimneys is familiar to ethyl alcohol (also called ethanol or bioethanol), which is known as produced primarily from sugar beet or other natural products. Of course, conventional fireplaces and fireplaces fueled with natural fuel (wood or coal) look unlike standard fireplaces. Alcohol fireplace does not produce any soot or smoke.

There are some arguments in favor of buying Bio fireplaces. Installation of alcohol fireplace is so simple that you can install or remove it literally according to mood or change its location in the room. If for any reason the heating is not working, it is possible for a few minutes to light a fire in the bio fireplaces and to create comfort and coziness in the house. Alcohol fireplace can be installed anywhere indoors, for example, if the chimney is not available or the installation of the chimney is very expensive. To light the Bio-fireplace isn’t more difficult than usual to light a candle. Light smells like smoke as a standard attribute of the fireplace, it seems at first a pleasant or even romantic, but then it takes a long time to erode it. Alcohol fireplace does not require absolutely any care for themselves, because they do not produce any dust, no soot, no smoke. Despite the fact that fuel for fireplaces is ordinary at first glance, much cheaper than the alcohol, by taking into account the costs of operation, the difference in price decreases or disappears altogether. Purchase, transport and storage of liquid fuel is less problematic than coal or firewood.

On the one hand, the fireplace is an attribute of a nice romantic evening. On the other hand, they still are a source of heat. Just because of the heat, it is hard to imagine that someone would inflame ordinary fireplace in spring or summer. The picture looks completely different if you use the alcohol fireplace. Of course, they produce heat, but this heat cannot be compared with the heat of conventional fireplaces. Pleasant warmth of bio fireplaces can be called a “moderate”, which allows to use it even in the warm summer evenings.

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