Fake Fireplace Logs

Abroad has long been understood that the solid wood to burn in the presence of a huge amount of waste wood, light industry, food processing and heavy industry – at least, unwise. Then the scientists and technologists have invented a method of making a comfortable and fuel efficient of this waste. Therefore, to get a product that is today called briquettes or fake fireplace logs. Heating the briquettes are easy to transport and storage, they have a high-energy efficiency and democratic value.

These woods crackling inside are pleasing to the eye and to the ear. Besides, wood fake fireplace logs harmless to human body and does not have a bad influence on his health. The advantages include the ability to install in almost any home or apartment. The similarity to the classical gas fireplaces brother give artificial wood. Himself fireplace runs on natural gas. The absence of such a pipe from the fireplace denies problems with cleaning the inside of the pipe. In addition, advantages include good heat output, and low cost for installation and maintenance. The disadvantages include the fact that the installation of this gas fireplace will require authorization service.

In addition, we refer to negative psychological realization that it’s still a fake fireplace. Each model has the heater and ashes camera, decorative imitation of the grate artificial wood or coal, decorative moving “flame”. Some artificial fake fireplace logs made from plastic, and colored and tinted by hand. It can be found in the sale of electric fireplaces with real fire effect with a different degree of combustion “wood”. The most successful electric fireplaces, those that create the illusion gradually light up the wood, thinning and cool down of coals. Some current models of electric fireplaces with real fire effect can simulate not only live fire, but also the sound of burning firewood in a real fire, crackling and rustling. For this purpose, equip them with special speakers. Despite the fact that there is a large number of electric fireplaces, they all have a standard device.

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